Lady Tarpons fall to Hidalgo

first_imgBy LARRY GAGESpecial to the PRESSFebruary 5, 2015The Port Isabel Lady Tarpons were on the road at Hidalgo Tuesday night, and lost 41-31.With the loss PI has a district record of 6-6 and remains alone in fourth place in District 32-4A with two games left.“We just flat-out didn’t play well,” head PI coach Blake Ramsey said Wednesday morning. “We hung with them in the first half. The other team came out in the second half and it just seemed like they wanted it more in that third quarter.”The game was close throughout the first half. Hidalgo led 8-7 at the end of a quarter of play, 17-15 at the break, and 31-22 at the start of the fourth quarter.Kelcie Swink was Port Isabel’s leading scorer with 12 points and made it a double-double with a team-leading 11 rebounds. Swink also made five steals.Alex Martinez also turned in a double-double with 11 points and 10 rebounds. Karina Vela pulled down 11 rebounds.“Hidalgo came out in the second half and put tremendous pressure on us and we did not respond well,” Coach Ramsey said.Hidalgo won the freshmen game 42-36 and Port Isabel got the JV game, 29-21. The Lady Tarpons JV squad is now 8-4 in district play and 14-7 overall.“We’re still a game ahead of Hidalgo and we’re in fourth place by ourselves,” Ramsey said. “We control our own fate. If we win both games we’re in the playoffs.”Last Friday night at home the Ladies went in front 42-41 for their first lead since late in the first quarter and held on to beat Grulla, 48-47. Alex Martinez led the team with 23 points and Marlen Flores scored 13 for Port Isabel. The Lady Tarpons JV won 58-28. There was no freshmen game.The Lady Tarpons will host Progreso this Friday night, Feb. 6, and will play their last regular season game next Monday at La Feria.“It comes down to effort,” Ramsey said. “Both teams will probably come out and press us, and if we handle the press we’ll be all right.”Want the whole story? Pick up a copy of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here. RelatedLady Tarpons Fight Back, Fall 44-39By LARRY GAGE Special to the PRESS January 22, 2015 The Port Isabel Lady Tarpons outscored Zapata 19-12 in the fourth quarter of Tuesday night’s district basketball game, but it was not enough to pull the game out and the Lady Hawks gained a 44-39 victory at Tarpon Gym. With…January 23, 2015In “News”Lady Tarpons clinch playoff spotBy LARRY GAGE Special to the PRESS The Port Isabel Lady Tarpon varsity hoops squad won their third straight district contest of the season Tuesday night, taking the measure of the Hidalgo Lady Pirates on the road, 46-39. In so doing the team guaranteed itself a playoff spot with one…January 31, 2013In “Sports”Lady Tarpons Take Lady ‘Kats in OT, 44-43By LARRY GAGE Special to the PRESS January 29, 2015 The Port Isabel Lady Tarpons hoops squad took to the road Tuesday night and took down the Lady Bearkats of Raymondville, 44-43, in overtime. With the win Port Isabel holds on to forth place in the standings of District 32-4A…January 30, 2015In “News” Sharelast_img read more

Hotel planned for Ocean Tower property

first_img Share By ABBEY KUNKLESpecial to the PRESSThe SPI Planning and Zoning Commission met Thursday afternoon for their regular monthly meeting to discuss the zoning designation of the recently annexed Ocean Towers Property.Chief on the agenda for discussion was a decision regarding the designation of the Padre Island Inn Subdivision, also known as the Ocean Tower Property into either a Padre Boulevard North (PBN) Character Zone or into the District “B” zone.The Ocean Tower Property, which is surrounded by northern shores, the gulf, and the county park, was annexed by the City in March of this year. According to the zoning ordinance, within 180 days of annexation, the Planning and Zoning Commission must review and provide a zoning recommendation to the City Council.Development Director Dr. Sungman Kim and city staff made multiple attempts to contact the landowner to determine the owner’s preference for the zone. The owner eventually responded, informing the city that the plan for the property is to build a five story Hampton Inn.As the Hampton Inn is a hotel, the PBN Zone or District “B” would be the only available options to accommodate that development. The PBN Character Zone allows for a broad scope of development while District “B” is zoned for multifamily dwellings, apartments, motels, hotels, condominiums and townhouses. Based on the regulations and specifications required, the owner felt that District “B” would be the most appropriate and beneficial designation for the area.The Hampton Inn conceptual plan shows preservation of natural dune areas and noise mitigation by locating the main building on the north boundaries. In addition, appropriate buffers and sufficient parking areas will be provided.The committee held a public hearing regarding the annexed property’s designation and Councilman and architect Sam Listi spoke to represent the owner. Listi took over the project from the previous architect and came to assure committee members that the hotel was intended to be a quiet, family friendly attraction.No beach bar would be associated with the development. The hearing closed and the P&Z agreed to recommend the Ocean Towers Property be designated as District “B.” No timeline was specified for the development of the property.During public comments, committee member Russel Judah addressed a topic from the previous meeting in regards to fire safety concerns at the proposed Courtyard by Marriott Hotel.  Members had concerns regarding a potential lack of access to the property by emergency and safety personnel in the event of a fire or other scenario. Beach access would likely be limited, and only one opening was proposed for street access with additional access through side lots. Committee members requested the safety issue be reviewed by a qualified fire safety professional. City staff addressed the issue and the committee approved the Special Development plan.Want the whole story? Pick up a copy of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here. RelatedDSRTF discusses Island hotel, commercial developmentBy ABBEY KUNKLE Special to the PRESS The SPI Development Standards Review Task Force (DSRTF) met Tuesday morning for a short meeting to discuss a Special Development Plan for the Courtyard by Marriott as well as a zoning designation for the recently annexed Ocean Tower Property. The Courtyard by Marriott…June 12, 2015In “News”Affordable housing planned near Laguna Heights              By Gaige Davila Harlingen, Texas, based development company S.R. Campbell Properties is planning to build a large subdivision adjacent to Laguna Heights, extending existing streets and adding around 150 homes spread among 302 lots.  At 84.50 acres, which starts beyond the fenceline…February 6, 2020In “News”P&Z mull extension requestsBy KEVIN RICH Special to the PRESS The South Padre Island Planning and Zoning Commission considered a pair of extension requests during its Thursday, Dec. 21 meeting. The first of these was an appeal for a 90-day extension for the subdivision known as the Sandbar Estates, owned by Sandbar Properties, Inc.…December 29, 2017In “News”last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for April 20, 2017

first_img Share Want the whole story? Pick up a copy of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here. Special to the PRESSEditor:The Friends of the Port Isabel Public Library wish to thank the local business community for being supportive of our fundraising efforts during the past year.  This assistance has allowed us to successfully raise funds to provide programming and resources for the Port Isabel Public Library, particularly in services to children and their families.Laurie MageeSecretaryDear Editor,I find myself writing this letter to set straight those who deny that the LVRA receives subsidies in it’s operation of the Town’s marina. There are two types of subsidies, one is a “direct” and the other “indirect.” If an individual qualifies for Section 8 housing, that person does not receive any direct monies to pay the difference in the rent they are paying and the market rent rate. The difference is made up by taxpayers, when we pay our taxes, and the government then pays the developer the difference, this is an “indirect” subsidy for the benefit of the tenant. Or perhaps you can look at it this way. Our Town requires a certain amount of money to run its operations. But what would happen, if that big house around the block, did not pay any taxes. Well you and I would see an increase in our taxes, to make up that difference. Again the big house owner is not receiving any direct monies, but if you and I have to pay the shortage in the town’s tax revenues, that big house owner is getting an “indirect” subsidy, at our expense. There is nothing wrong, if a municipality offers a tax abatement or other incentive to get a new business to locate within its city limits. New businesses can bring jobs and other economic stimulus to a city. Make no mistake, the LVRA for the last 46 years has not paid a dime in tax revenues to the town. The taxpayers of Laguna Vista, have made up that lost revenue and have been subsidizing the LVRA.In fact, the LVRA could not exist without being subsidized. Had the town, last year, sold the marina (with a reversion clause if the property ceased being operated as a marina) for $1, the LVRA could have easily incurred a property tax bill for approximately $10,000. That could make those very reasonable yearly memberships have to be increased to an approximate $800 per year. With that kind of increase, you would definitely see a decrease in memberships, yearly membership fees would have to be increased even more and the death spiral of the LVRA would commence. So please, don’t tell me that the citizens of Laguna Vista don’t subsidize their marina operations.Those that deny that the town is subsidizing the LVRA want to distract the overwhelming taxpaying majority of Laguna Vista. If they were honest, they would recognize the sweet deal they got from the town 46 years ago and be thankful. Most LVRA members, I have spoken to, think the bayfront property should be shared. It is just a few, who want to keep “their” bayfront property private and not opened to the rest of us. Laguna Vista’s town slogan is” Gateway to the Bay,” but in reality only to those who have a “key.”Herb HoustonLaguna VistaDear Editor,I recently answered a written call from the Southern Poverty Law Center for Anglo Saxon or White people to volunteer to combat white racism. It seemed to be an excellent idea. I have an opportunity now to combat racism and deconstruct the arguments put forth by the LVRA on why they should continue to lease the entire area that they control now. They should not.During the April 11 workshop, I asked the representatives of the LVRA Why they did not build a 100 foot lighted pier to attract members who do not own boats. My question went unanswered; but it is obvious why they never have. They do not want any members who do not own boats. The LVRA needs to remember that they will never get title to the area that they lease. They need to remember that Robert Moore is no longer mayor and the opposition to them is growing.The unlimited public comment period at the workshop where supporters of the LVRA and the letter in the April 13 issue of the PRESS were loaded with racism. Contrary to what modern racists want people to believe, a person does not have to belong to the KKK or openly advocate the superiority of the white race to be a racist. Modern racism manifests itself in a myriad of different forms, but I’ll confine the scope of racism to what the supporters of the LVRA said at the workshop and Elizabeth Etheridge’s letter published in last week’s PRESS.Every supporter of the LVRA at the workshop spoke of the horde of outsiders, even MEXICANS, would come to use our little proposed park. The proposed park could easily be designated as a viewing and recreational area for Laguna Vista residents. Any attempt to differentiate your group from “the others” is racism as you are white. It is cultural chauvinism if you are a member of a minority group; but the vast majority of speakers who spoke in support of the LVRA were white; therefore those were racist expressions. Whether anything is racism or cultural chauvinism has to do with whatever group is dominate in any given society. We are talking about the USA where Anglo society is dominate.The supporters of LVRA also used a lot of phony narratives and doomsday scenarios to support their basic racist underpinnings. This is quite similar to what the Steve Bannon wing of Trump supporters do. Hordes of outsiders are not going to come to Laguna Vista to use our little park, shop at all our stores or dine in our fine restaurants. People from other areas actually come here to visit South Padre Island.Some of the LVRA supporters need to go visit the Laguna Heights Park that has access to the Laguna Madre; that is if they are not afraid to rub shoulders with a lot of Mexican Americans and EVEN MEXICANS. There is nothing but parking space there.There were a whole lot of LVRA supporters at the workshop who said that they live on Beach and would move out of the area if our little park is opened. I hope that they do; it is always good when racists leave your community.I went into the meeting with an open mind if the LVRA would have built a lighted and covered pier. They ignored my question and subsequently showed their true colors. I totally support our little park and want to see the influence of the LVRA on public life in Laguna Vista dwindle down to nothing. I want to thank the majority of the Town Council for conducting the workshop in a fair and impartial manner.Walter BirdwellLaguna Vistacenter_img RelatedLetters to the Editor for Nov. 9, 2017Special to the PRESS Editor, It’s no secret that Port Isabel has had its fair share of turmoil in recent years, but it’s a relief to see our city finally moving forward. As reported in this paper, the city has been working to upgrade its finances, its infrastructure and its…November 10, 2017In “News”Letters to the Editor for April 12, 2019To the Editor, We are sorry to see Dina Arevalo go. In the past four plus years she’s been the only personality of the Padre Press whom we’ve come to know, and we shall miss her. Good luck, Dina, in whatever your new endeavors will be. Sincerely yours, David A.…April 12, 2019In “News”Letter to the Editor for Nov. 2, 2017Special to the PRESS Editor, Cameron County Commissioners recently voted to approve short-term tax abatement agreements with Rio Grande LNG that will help bring great benefits to our Rio Grande Valley (RGV). I and many other residents agree with this bold move by our County Commissioners. For many years the…November 3, 2017In “News”last_img read more

Rio History: Colonel Sam’s Dream

first_img Share RelatedRio History: Colonel Sam’s DreamBy Steve Hathcock Special to the PARADE We “in the know” celebrated a colorful man who had a dream Colonel Sam was a man unafraid to dream. Born in DeWitt, Missouri, on July 10, 1867, Sam left home at fifteen to work on the railroad. A quick learner, young Sam…July 18, 2019In “News”Colonel Sam’s Dream Part TwoBy Steve Hathcock Special to the PARADE In April of 1926, the Dallas News published a story about a proposed 5000-acre park to be located about halfway down Padre Island from Corpus Christi. Travelers would reach the park by driving along a road of hard-packed beach sand that would connect…July 25, 2019In “News”Rio History: Col. Sam’s Dream, Pt. 2By STEVE HATHCOCK Special to the PRESS In April of 1926, the Dallas News published a story about a proposed 5000 acre park to be located about halfway down Padre Island from Corpus Christi. Travelers would reach the park by driving along a road of hard-packed beach sand that would connect…June 2, 2017In “News” By STEVE HATHCOCKSpecial to the PRESSColonel Sam Robertson was a man unafraid to dream. Born in DeWitt, Missouri, on July 10, 1867, Sam left home at 15 to work on the railroad. A quick learner, young Sam moved up the ladder and by the time he first arrived in the Rio Grande Valley in 1903, he was under contract to lay rails along the Gulf Coast from Corpus Christi to Brownsville.Recognizing the agricultural potential of the rich fertile delta soil, Sam quickly acquired 10,000 acres along the Los Fresnos Resaca where he organized the San Benito Town Site Company and the San Benito Land and Irrigation Company.During those early years, Sam was a driving force in the Valley, developing irrigation districts and building canals and drainage systems. To provide access to the more remote areas, Robertson built a network of feeder spurs to connect with  Brownsville Street and Interurban Railroad Company. Eventually, the rail system, known as “the Spider Web” or “Sam Robertson’s Backdoor Railroad” connected 11 communities.Over the next few years Sam served as San Benito’s first postmaster and two terms as Cameron County Sheriff and was already a local legend when he signed on as a scout for Black Jack Pershing’s punitive expedition into Mexico in pursuit of Pancho Villa. One day while on a scouting mission, Sam was captured, dragged behind a horse, beaten, and left for dead. The ride finished in Columbus, New Mexico — four and a half days and 60 trail miles later. A lesser man would have returned home, never to venture forth again.Not, Sam.After recovering, he joined the United States Army where he organized and commanded the Sixteenth Engineers, one of the first regiments to go to France during WWI.During that war, Sam’s unit won the admiration of the Allied commanders for building rail lines to the front while under constant bombardment from enemy artillery. Sam himself was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and promoted to the rank of full colonel. (Sam remained in Europe for a year or so after the war to rebuild Germany’s railway system.)Returning to San Benito in 1922, Sam was again elected sheriff of Cameron County, mostly on the strength of his opposition to an upsurge of Ku Klux Klan activity. But political office would not prove to be Sam’s calling. It was the Roaring Twenties and the country was full of optimism. As more Americans bought automobiles the demand for better roads grew. Not only did these new drivers want good roads, they wanted them to lead to better destinations. Colonel Sam was about to embark on a brand new adventure, one that would test his mettle and ultimately cost him his fortune.Want the whole story? Pick up a copy of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here.last_img read more

Laguna Vista sales tax increases steady

first_imgBy MARTHA McCLAINSpecial to the PRESSTown of Laguna Vista sales tax revenue climbed 1.80 percent in June with a payments from the state comptroller’s office totaling $12,198.The payment is the Town’s percentage of revenue from sales of merchandise made in April and collected in May.Comparatively, for the same period in 2016, the Town received $11,982; in 2015, $12,964, and in 2014, $11,083.Year-to-date, the Town has collected a total of $81,444, compared to $79,512 for the same period last year, representing a 2.42 percent increase.Want the whole story? Pick up a copy of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here. RelatedLaguna Madre sales tax figures mixedBy MARTHA McCLAIN Special to the PRESS Local communities realized a mixed bag in sales tax revenue in September. The City of Port Isabel saw a gain of 19.10 percent for the month, bringing in $220,521.93, up from the $185,146 last September. For the year-to-date, the city is up 5.02…September 27, 2012In “News”LV among best in sales tax returnsBy MARTHA McCLAIN Special to the PRESS The Town of Laguna Vista was among the top five cities in Cameron County to realize the highest percentage of sales tax refunds for this year-to-date in 2012, according to the Texas Comptroller’s Office. November reports indicate that of the 16 municipalities in…November 29, 2012In “News”Tax figures show mixed resultsBy MARTHA McCLAIN Special to the PRESS Despite fluctuations over the months in sales, communities in the Laguna Madre area have still experienced overall increases in year-to-date sales tax collections last month. The City of Port Isabel saw a gain of 5.27 percent for the month, bringing in $197,472, up…May 9, 2013In “News” Sharelast_img read more

Rio History: The Padre Island Lighthouse

first_imgBy STEVE HATHCOCKSpecial to the PRESSEvery now and then I am asked about light houses on Padre Island.Today if a visitor to the Island wanted to explore an old lighthouse, they would need to make their way across the Laguna Madre to Port Isabel where they will find a perfectly preserved stone tower measuring some 80 feet in height. This structure sits in the center of Lighthouse Square and is surrounded by gift shops and restaurants and draws thousands of visitors each year. But Port Isabel has not always had a monopoly on lighthouses.The earliest mention of a light on Padre Island was contained in an article carried in the 1853 issue of American Seamen’s Friend Society, which was a journal of the day devoted to the needs of the modern mariner. The editor described a new light that had been established on the southern end of Padre Island, and north of the Brazos PassageThe light was placed atop a square tower constructed of wood, painted black, which sat atop wheels so that it could be moved about in much the same manner as the men of Troy moved the horse into the city. Because of its color it was easily distinguished from other objects by day. Its light could be seen 3.5 miles out to sea. The keeper’s house was located about a quarter mile from it.In 1855, lighthouse inspector W.H. Stevens submitted the following report:“Sir: In accordance with the annual circular from the Light-house Board, I have the honor to submit the following report on light-house service in my district:A new dwelling for the keeper at Point Isabel light-house has been built, and a new structure for the beacon at Padre Island, Brazos St. Jago, to receive the 5th order lens belonging to that light. The general condition of the different branches of the lighthouse service is, I believe, unexceptionable. The want of clerkly ability among some of the keepers causes some unsightly returns, but all are honest and faithful.I do not anticipate any extensive repairs or renovations during the ensuing year, except for the dwelling of the keeper of the beacon light on Padre Island. This house should be removed, so as to be nearer the beacon, and will need some repairs. It was never completely finished. The sum of $500 will cover the necessary expense.”The following year the tower received a 5th order Fresnel lens making its light 35 feet above sea level. It was used as an entrance light for Brazos Pass. At the onset of the Civil War, the Confederates destroyed the Padre Island light. The Point Isabel light, with its 4-foot thick walls, resisted several attempts to blow it up. Not to be totally defeated in their effort to extinguish the powerful beacon, Confederate Rip Ford ordered the removal of the lens, which effectively neutralized any night use of the tower.The lighthouse board established a temporary light on Padre Island in 1864 and immediately sought funding for a permanent tower. Ten years later a hurricane washed the wooden structure away and Congress appropriated $25,000 for a new tower.Surprisingly, it took 4 years for the Board to obtain the site, which was located just to the south of the present day Coast Guard Station, from the State of Texas. Construction of a frame dwelling on screw piles in began in 1878. The keeper exhibited the light, which was perched above the living quarters, on March 1, 1879. That same year the board established a fixed light atop a square white tower 25 feet in height on the south side of Brazos Santiago. (This light was destroyed in a hurricane sometime in the 1880s.)The Padre Island Light caught fire and burned on March 8, 1940. A low power, temporary light was put in place but it was some time before the radio beacon was replaced. Blackouts were in effect during most of the war years and Padre Island itself was quarantined. The old light finally faded into obscurity and has since been dismantled.An era had come to an end.Want the whole story? Pick up a copy of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here. RelatedWriter’s Block: Birds of a FeatherBy DINA ARÉVALO Port Isabel-South Padre Press If you drive down Highway 100, just west of the Port Isabel city limits and out past Laguna Heights, you’ll see a familiar sight. To the right, between the bay and the road, is a blur of dusty green vegetation. Thick brushy weeds,…February 26, 2016In “Editor’s Column”Lighthouse officially reopensBy DINA ARÉVALO Port Isabel-South Padre Press After more than a year spent hidden beneath a layer of scaffolding, the historic Port Isabel Lighthouse was officially reopened to visitors Tuesday. The City of Port Isabel, in partnership with the Port Isabel Chamber of Commerce, celebrated the reopening of the iconic…January 26, 2018In “News”Rio History: Treasure Hunting at Isla Blanca ParkBy STEVE HATHCOCK Special to the PRESS The tide was out when we arrived at Isla Blanca Park at the southernmost tip of South Padre Island. My friend John headed to the water to hunt for jewelry while I worked my way south to a small sandbar that is only…January 18, 2019In “News” Sharelast_img read more

Tarpons dominate the Tigers in 37-16 win

first_img RelatedLions too explosive in 47-7 win over the TarponsBy Constancio Martinez, Jr.  Special to the PRESS After starting the season at 1-2, the Port Isabel Tarpons were eager to get back in the win column. Unfortunately, for the Tarpons, the undefeated La Feria Lions were up next. Led by quarterback Dorian Hernandez, the Lions came into town with…September 27, 2019In “News”Freshman team wraps up an 9-0 undefeated seasonBy CONSTANCIO MARTINEZ, JR. Special to the PRESS   The Port Isabel freshman football team capped their season with a 38-6 win over the Rio Hondo Bobcats. The Tarpons entered the game riding an 80 undefeated record, with key wins over Hidalgo, La Feria, Raymondville and a pair of 6A…November 7, 2019In “News”Medina Ranks Among The Past Great Tarpon Running BacksBy Constancio Martinez, Jr. Special to the Press In the week six game versus the La Grulla Gators Tarpons’ running back, Brayan Medina rushed for a team high 156 rushing yards on 28 carries. That brought his total career rushing yards to 2,645 yards. That ranks Medina in 7th place…October 18, 2019In “Sports” By CONSTANCIO MARTINEZ, JR.Special to the PRESSSee are the Port Isabel Tarpons and Valley View Tigers during their game on September 6, 2019. The Tarpons won 37-16, for their first win of the season. Photo by Constancio Martinez, Jr.After their loss to Porter the prior week, Head Coach Jason Strunk vowed to clean up the Tarpon rushing game miscues, and they were successful, with the Tarpons racking up 454 rushing yards against the Tigers. The first home game of the season brought in a huge home-side crowd, and they were not disappointed. After last year’s 34-7 loss to the Tigers, this time, it was the Tarpons with the dominating performance.The Tarpons set the tone from the get go, as the “Seawall Defense” forced the Tigers to punt on three consecutive drives. Meanwhile the “Tidal Wave Offense” got a boost to their running game with the return of running back Brayan Medina. Early in the game, the Tarpons marched down to the Tigers goal line, but fumbled the ball into the endzone where the Tigers were able to jump on a loose ball. After forcing another three and out by the Tarpon’s defense, Port Isabel’s wideout, Mac Strunk, fooled the Tiger’s defense and most of the fans as he threw a 28-yard pass to receiver Will Camacho. The Tarpons reached the Valley View’s 9-yard line before settling for a 27-yard field goal with 1:30 to go in the first quarter, putting the Tarpons up 3-0.In the second quarter, the Tarpons were facing a 2nd and 4 as Medina broke loose for 66-yard touchdown run with 10:20 left in the half. A successful extra point kick put the Tarpons up 10-0. The Tigers were finally able to get on the scoreboard by hitting a 43-yard field goal with 5:54 left in the second quarter. The Tarpons not ready to head into the locker room scored twice more behind the 1-2 punch of Medina and Strunk. The Tarpons went into the halftime break with a commanding 24-3 lead.At the start of the second half, the Tarpons continued to lean on running back Medina as they drove down 70 yards on a 10play scoring drive, putting the Tarpons up 31-3. The work Medina put in was Tarpons dominate the Tigers in 37-16 win by design, Strunk said.Want the whole story? Pick up a copy of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here. Sharelast_img read more

Diterjang Topan Mangkhut, Garuda Indonesia Batalkan Penerbangan Menuju Hong Kong,Luggage Wrapping di Bandara, Seberapa Besarkah Perannya Untuk Melindungi Koper Anda?

first_imgTopan Mangkhut. Sumber: istimewa Setelah sukses memporak-porandakan Filipina dan Kawasan Hong Kong beberapa waktu yang lalu, Topan Mangkhut terus bergerak menuju Cina Bagian Selatan. Topan Mangkhut yang turut membawa hujan deras dan angin berkecepatan 162 km per jam ini tiba di pesisir Cina, dekat kota Jiangmen pada Minggu (16/9/2018) sore waktu setempat. Setidaknya, sudah ada dua warga Cina dan 64 warga Filipina yang meninggal akibat ganasnya topan ini.Baca Juga: Hendak Landing Saat Topan Cimarron Menerpa, Pesawat Asal Jepang Ini Menukik Tajam!Sebagaimana yang dilansir dari berbagai laman sumber, kebanyakan korban tewas disebabkan oleh tanah longsor – kota Ucab di Filipina menjadi salah satu lokasi yang terdampak paling parah, dimana menurut pemerintah setempat, 26 orang penambang meninggal dunia. Kini topan yang dikategorikan oleh pemerintah Cina sebagai yang terkuat yang menyentuh kota Guangdong sepanjang tahun 2018 ini menjadi momok menakutkan bagi warga Cina dan sekitarnya. Siaga tertinggi dikerahkan di segala sektor – membuat lebih dari 2,45 juta warga Cina dievakuasi menuju tempat yang aman. Tidak hanya itu, penghentian sejumlah jadwal kereta api dan penerbangan pun turut diberlakukan. Salah satu maskapai yang terdampak topan ini adalah Flag Carrier Garuda Indonesia.Dikutip dari laman (16/9/2018), sejumlah penerbangan maskapai plat merah ini membatalkan penerbangan menuju Hong Kong pada tanggal 15 dan 16 September kemarin. Hal ini dibenarkan oleh VP Corporate Secretary Garuda Indonesia, Hengki Heriandono. Dirinya mengatakan bahwa para penumpang yang penerbangannya tertunda bisa mengubah jadwal penerbangan mereka.“Dengan situasi force majeure ini, maka seluruh penumpang Garuda Indonesia terdampak pembatalan jadwal penerbangan Garuda Indonesia dari dan ke Hong Kong tersebut dapat melakukan reschedule jadwal penerbangannya,” ujar Hengki dalam sebuah keterangan tertulis, Sabtu (15/9/2018).Pembatalan penerbangan ini ditempuh Garuda menyusul peringatan dari otoritas bandara Hong Kong terkait potensi serangan topan yang dinyatakan oleh World Meteorological Organization (WMO) sebagai siklon tropis terkuat di tahun 2018. Menurut laporan yang diterima otoritas Cina, Topan Mangkhut akan bergerak melintasi Laut Cina Selatan dan menyasar Hong Kong dan beberapa wilayah Cina di bagian Selatan.Baca Juga: Meski Penerbangan Langsung Jakarta-London Tutup, Garuda Indonesia Masih Layani via CodeshareSaking kuatnya, topan ini sampai-sampai menumbangkan pohon dan menghancurkan kaca di gedung kantor dan perumahan – beberapa diantaranya sampai bergoyang bak gempa. “Ini bergoyang cukup lama, setidaknya dua jam. Itu membuat saya merasa sangat pusing,” ujar salah satu warga yang di Kowloon yang terdampak Topan Mangkhut, dikutip dari sumber lain.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… Relatedlast_img read more

Jangan Asal Beli Kacamata Hitam, Perhatikan Cara Memilihnya

first_imgSumber: Menjalani aktivitas sebagai penumpang moda transportasi, banyak hal yang Anda perlukan, salah satunya adalah kacamata sebagai alat yang bisa melindungi mata dari sinar matahari, tentunya pemilihan kacamata hitam tidak bisa sembarangan. Ada beberapa faktor yang harus Anda pahami terlebih dahulu sehingga Anda tidak salah memilih kacamata tersebut. Layaknya kulit, mata pun harus dilindungi dari yang namanya pancaran sinar ultraviolet (UV) atau sinar matahari yang dapat membahayakan lensa dan kornea mata.Baca Juga: Mau Travelling, Ini Tips Buat Melipat Pakaian Yang Hemat Tempat!Radiasi UV dapat meningkatkan risiko katarak. Selain itu, ada juga beberapa penyakit mata yang bisa  saja timbul akibat terkena radiasi sinar UV, seperti Pterygium dan Pingueculum. Maka dari itu, berikut melansir dari laman, paparkan beberapa cara untuk memilih kacamata hitam yang susai dengan standar, jangan sampai asal beli lho! Pastikan kacamata yang Anda pilih dapat melindungi dari pancaran sinar UV-A dan UV-B. Biasanya di outlet resmi penjualan kacamata, Anda dapat melihat kacamata tersebut memiliki perlindungan terhadap sinar UV dari label lenses block 99% atau UVA/UVB rays. Dengan tercantumnya label tersebut, maka kacamata itu udah memiliki perlindungan terhadap sinar UV.Baca Juga: Ini Dia! 9 Tipe Orang yang Biasa Kita Temui di BandaraLalu Anda tidak bisa sembarangan memilih kacamata yang memiliki tingkat kegelapan yang sangat tinggi, karena hal tersebut akan membahayakan Anda ketika digunakan. Standar untuk tingkat kegelapan kacamata adalah Z80.3 menurut Institut American National Standart (ANZI). Kacamata yang baik juga mampu melindungi dari paparan radiasi dengan panjang gelombang lebih dari 400 nanometer. Dalam label kacamata biasanya bertuliskan UV 400 protection.Jangan lupa untuk memilih kacamata dengan rona lensa yang tepat. Tentunya kacamata dengan rona gelap lebih baik dibandingkan dengan rona lensa yang mengkilat. Namun, tidak ada salahnya memilih varian rona lain seperti merah maroon atau cokelat. Hanya saja, kacamata dengan rona lensa berwarna akan sedikit meyulitkan Anda untuk membedakan warna lampu lalu lintas.Sumber: istimewaUntuk lensa, Anda akan dihadapkan dengan tiga pilihan yang memiliki keunggulan masing-masing, yaitu polarized lens, gradient lens, dan mirrored lens. Polarized Lens merupakan lensa yang memiliki lapisan khusus yang berguna untuk mengurangi rasa silau terhadap sinar yang terpantul dalam beragam permukaan. Kelebihan tersebut membuat Polarized Lens sangat idela untuk digunakan pada aktifitas air hingga  mengemudi di jalan.Sumber: istimewaMirrored Lens merupakan lensa yang memiliki lapisan coating pada bagian atasnya yang berfungsi untuk memantulkan sinar yang masuk. Walaupun fungsinya hampir sama dengan Polarized Lens, namun Mirrored Lens lebih mudah dikenali. Dan yang terakhir adalah Gradient Lens, dimana lensa jenis ini mudah dikenali dari tampilan fisiknya. Lensa jenis ini memiliki bagian yang gelap di atas dan semakin memudar di bagian bawahnya, sesuai dengan namanya.Sumber: istimewaDari ketiga jenis lensa yang sudah dipaparkan di atas, Anda bisa memilih salah satu untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Anda. Jika sudah menentukan, sebaiknya Anda memilih kacamata dengan ukuran yang besar. Ini bertujuan untuk melindungi area di sekitaran mata dan juga mengurangi penetrasi dari sinar UV.Dari sekian banyak tips di atas, muncullah dua nama brand kacamata yang namanya sudah mendunia, yaitu Ray-Ban dan Polaroid. Diantara sejumlah merk-merk yang ada, dua nama ini kerap kali dipilih karena kualitasnya yang sudah teruji dan memenuhi standar. Jadi, bagi Anda yang berminat  untuk membeli kacamata hitam, jangan cuma buat asal gaya ya, karena risiko yang ditimbulkan bisalah berbahaya.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedPusing dan Mual Selama Perjalanan? Ini Dia Tips Ampuh Atasi Mabuk Darat30/03/2018In “Bus AKAP”Meski Dalam Perjalanan Mudik, Shalat Jangan Ditinggalkan09/06/2019In “Darat”Operasikan 400.000 Unit, Populasi Bus Listrik Terbesar Masih di Cina15/10/2019In “Bus AKAP”last_img read more

Delta Airlines Tawarkan Akses Chatting Gratis via WiFi di Smartphone

first_img“Kami tahu banyak pelanggan Delta Airlines yang ingin atau perlu tetap terhubung saat di udara, apalagi untuk para pekerja. Oleh karena itu kami memberikan layanan dengan cara yang mudah dan bebas untuk mengirim dan menerima pesan melalui beberapa platform global yang paling populer,” ujar Tim Mapes, Wakil Presiden Senior Delta dan Chief Marketing Officer.Mapes menambahkan, layanan ini ada di belakang kursi di tambah dengan hiburan gratis dan WiFi berkecepataan tinggi untuk berkirim pesan gratis menjadi salah satu cara agar pelanggan dapat memanfaatkan fasilitas yang diberikan Delta sebaik-baiknya. Adanya layanan ini, menjadikan Delta sebagai yang pertama di dalam maskapai penerbangan Amerika Serikat dengan menawarkan fasilitas pesan gratis dalam penerbangan. Untuk bisa menikmati layanan instant messaging tersebut, sebelum naik pesawat, para penumpang diharuskan mengunduh aplikasi Gogo WiFi secara gratis di toko aplikasi.Selain Delta Airlines, di Amerika Serikat masih ada beberapa maskapai besar, seperti United dan American Airlines. Namun, untuk diketahui, Alaska Airlines menjadi maskapai penerbangan utama Amerika Serikat yang mengenalkan hal ini secara khusus.Baca juga: Delta Airlines Siap Gunakan Pemindai Wajah Untuk Pangkas Antrean Check InKarena adanya penawaran pesan gratis tanpa suara sudah berlaku sejak awal tahun 2017 ini. Sehingga bisa dikatakan, Delta mengikuti jejak Alaska dan menjadi yang pertama dari tiga besar maskapai di Amerika Serikat.Setelah Delta melakukan pemberian layanan pesan gratis selama penerbangan, diperkirakan American dan United Airlines akan menyusul. Saat ini juga JetBlue sudah menawarkan layanan WiFi gratis tanpa batas untuk semua penumpang dalam penerbangangannya tanpa mengenakan biaya sedikitpun.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedDelta Airlines Berikan Prosecco Gratis di Penerbangan Jarak Jauh16/10/2017In “Destinasi”Ini Fakta yang Mungkin Belum Anda Ketahui dari Delta Airlines25/10/2018In “Featured”10 Meninggal dan 500 Karyawan Delta Airlines Terinfeksi Covid-1927/06/2020In “Featured” Sumber: Delta Airlines mulai 1 Oktober 2017 memberikan pelayanan chatting gratis melalui iMessage, WhatsaApp dan Facebook Messanger. Namun layanan yang diberikan hanya mendukung untuk pesan teks saja dan tidak bisa mengunduh ataupun mengunggah file baik foto, suara maupun video.Baca juga: Delta Airlines dan JetBlue Gunakan Mesin Pemindai Wajah di melansir dari laman (27/9/2017), layanan ini akan ada di semua penerbangan Delta dengan menggunakan aplikasi Gogo WiFi di smartphone Android dan iOS. Namun layanan ini bisa digunakan secara gratis bila Anda sebagai penumpang menambahkan biaya minimal US$2,95 atau tergantung dari penerbangan Delta yang Anda naiki.last_img read more