How a person sleeps is partially reflective of their personality, study finds

first_imgLinkedIn Share Share on Twitter Share on Facebook New research published in the European Journal of Personality has found that some personality traits are connected to how long and how well people sleep.“Sleep is very dynamic and biologically regulated, yet is also a personal characteristics,” said study author Zlatan Krizan, a professor of psychology at Iowa State University.“Uncovering which personality features predict the nature and rhythm of our sleep is important from a theoretical perspective as well as clinical. Plus I have to admit that my life-long insomnia motivated me find what sleep may show about who we are.”center_img Email Pinterest The researchers analyzed data from 382 individuals who participated in the Midlife Development in the U.S. Study. The study included two initial assessments of basic personality traits. A few years later, the participants wore actigraph sleep monitoring devices and provided daily evaluations of their sleep quality for one week.The findings indicated that two of the Big Five personality traits were related to sleep quality. The researchers found that more neurotic and less conscientious individuals tended to have more disturbances during their sleep. More neurotic individuals also tended to have greater variability in how long they slept.“How a person sleeps is partially reflective of their personality constitution. For example, individuals more prone to negative emotions and difficulties with self-control had more variable sleep from one night to the next, which may point to important everyday routines (or the lack thereof) that could be producing such ups and downs,” Krizan told PsyPost.“One cannot change one’s personality just like that, but can identify ways in which to get out of one’s own way!”The study — like all research — includes some limitations. The study relied on cross-sectional data, making it difficult to determine the direction of causality. In other words, it is unclear whether personality impacts sleep or whether sleep impacts personality.“Exactly how personality intersects with sleep is still relatively unknown,” Krizan said. “Most research is based on questionnaires, so more studies like this one where more objective methods are used, as well as where real-life sleep is sampled are necessary to further our understanding.”“Moreover, personality is likely to matter for the makeup of the sleep episode themselves, so leveraging modern sleep-monitoring technology will be critical.”The study, “Personality and Sleep: Neuroticism and Conscientiousness Predict Behaviourally Recorded Sleep Years Later“, was authored by Zlatan Križan and Garrett Hisler.last_img read more

Texas issues Ebola home isolation court order

first_imgTexas health officials have issued a control order to make sure that public health workers can conduct fever checks on close family contacts of a man from Liberia who was recently hospitalized as the nation’s first Ebola case.So far no other infections have been detected in connection with the case, the first real test of guidance and systems put in place across the nation to prepare for travel-related cases from West Africa. At a media briefing today hosted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Director Tom Frieden, MD, MPH, said the agency will hold daily joint press briefings with Texas health officials to provide updates.Court order to help with health monitoringDavid Lakey, MD, commissioner with the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS), told reporters that he signed the court order to ensure that the individuals can be monitored twice a day and that law enforcement is monitoring the apartment. So far none of the household members have fever or other symptoms, he said.Clay Jenkins, Dallas County judge, said the decision to put a confinement order in place for family members requires a delicate balance, but public health officials need to know they can monitor the patients’ health and that it’s in the public’s best interest to know that exposed people aren’t leaving the location against medical advice. According to Dallas media reports, the residents didn’t follow an earlier request to stay home.Food and groceries are being delivered to the group, which will be monitored for 21 days.Lakey said public health workers have gone into the household to see that the man’s personal belongings are bagged, assess environmental risks, and ensure that the family knows how to minimize their contamination risk. He said, however, that health officials are grappling with how to dispose of waste and other contaminated items but have identified a company that will clean and decontaminate the home.Frieden said hospitals have questions about how to handle contaminated medical waste, especially larger items, and that CDC officials are in discussions today with US Department of Transportation counterparts about the issue.Health officials said they don’t yet have an exact number for the people designated as contacts who will be monitored for 21 days, other than that so far it is a “handful” of people. Contact-tracing interviews are under way with about 100 people to gauge the type of contact they had with the patient, but so far authorities don’t believe any exposures occurred at community locations.Hospital, airport screening issuesLakey and Frieden said the communication breakdown at the Texas hospital—when the patient’s travel history was not adequately communicated when he seen 2 days before he was admitted—is a teachable moment for other facilities. Frieden added that the CDC has refreshed its patient screening information for hospitals and is sending a Health Alert Network notice on the topic to providers.Frieden said the man was screened by a CDC-trained worker as he was departing Liberia and that he didn’t have a fever at that point. He said that records show the patient’s temperature was 97.3°F as measured with a Food and Drug Administration–approved thermometer.He added that an investigation is under way into Ebola exposure the man may have had while in Liberia and that exit forms have questions on whether patients cared for or helped bury people infected with Ebola. He added, however, that individuals often don’t know what their exposures have been, and sometimes they don’t disclose them.According to a New York Times report yesterday, 4 days before the man left Liberia for the United States he had direct contact with a woman infected with the virus, according to the man’s neighbors in Liberia and the woman’s parents.The patient had reportedly helped the woman’s family take her by taxi to a hospital in Monrovia, where she was turned away over a lack of treatment beds. He helped carry the woman back into the family’s home, where she died later that evening, according to the Times.”Can we make the risk zero?” Frieden asked. “The plain truth is we can’t make the risk zero until the outbreak is controlled in West Africa.”Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital today said the patient is in serious condition, and Frieden said discussions are ongoing between the man’s doctors and the patient and his family about the possibility of receiving experimental Ebola treatment.Global and drug developmentsIn other developments today:Germany’s Frankfurt University Hospital said it is expecting to receive a patient tomorrow who was infected with Ebola in West Africa, Reuters reported. According to German media reports, the patient is a Belgian doctor who got sick while working in Sierra Leone, but the hospital didn’t confirm the information. The patient would be the second health worker to be airlifted into Germany from the outbreak region.Federal government officials are in advanced discussions about two different strategies for ramping up the production of ZMapp, an experimental drug that has been used to treat some infected health workers, the New York Times reported yesterday. Quoting unnamed sources, the Times said talks have been held with Caliber Biotherapeutics, a Texas company that can produce the drug in tobacco plants. Also, the government, along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust, are exploring boosting production in animal cells, which would take longer but yield larger amounts because of much greater production capacity.See also:Oct 2 Dallas Morning News storyOct 1 New York Times story on patient’s historyOct 2 Texas Health Resources statementOct 1 CDC guidance on Ebola questioning for returning travelersOct 1 CDC checklist for patients being evaluated for Ebola in the United StatesOct 2 Reuters storyOct 1 New York Times story on ZMapplast_img read more

Rio History: The Padre Island Lighthouse

first_imgBy STEVE HATHCOCKSpecial to the PRESSEvery now and then I am asked about light houses on Padre Island.Today if a visitor to the Island wanted to explore an old lighthouse, they would need to make their way across the Laguna Madre to Port Isabel where they will find a perfectly preserved stone tower measuring some 80 feet in height. This structure sits in the center of Lighthouse Square and is surrounded by gift shops and restaurants and draws thousands of visitors each year. But Port Isabel has not always had a monopoly on lighthouses.The earliest mention of a light on Padre Island was contained in an article carried in the 1853 issue of American Seamen’s Friend Society, which was a journal of the day devoted to the needs of the modern mariner. The editor described a new light that had been established on the southern end of Padre Island, and north of the Brazos PassageThe light was placed atop a square tower constructed of wood, painted black, which sat atop wheels so that it could be moved about in much the same manner as the men of Troy moved the horse into the city. Because of its color it was easily distinguished from other objects by day. Its light could be seen 3.5 miles out to sea. The keeper’s house was located about a quarter mile from it.In 1855, lighthouse inspector W.H. Stevens submitted the following report:“Sir: In accordance with the annual circular from the Light-house Board, I have the honor to submit the following report on light-house service in my district:A new dwelling for the keeper at Point Isabel light-house has been built, and a new structure for the beacon at Padre Island, Brazos St. Jago, to receive the 5th order lens belonging to that light. The general condition of the different branches of the lighthouse service is, I believe, unexceptionable. The want of clerkly ability among some of the keepers causes some unsightly returns, but all are honest and faithful.I do not anticipate any extensive repairs or renovations during the ensuing year, except for the dwelling of the keeper of the beacon light on Padre Island. This house should be removed, so as to be nearer the beacon, and will need some repairs. It was never completely finished. The sum of $500 will cover the necessary expense.”The following year the tower received a 5th order Fresnel lens making its light 35 feet above sea level. It was used as an entrance light for Brazos Pass. At the onset of the Civil War, the Confederates destroyed the Padre Island light. The Point Isabel light, with its 4-foot thick walls, resisted several attempts to blow it up. Not to be totally defeated in their effort to extinguish the powerful beacon, Confederate Rip Ford ordered the removal of the lens, which effectively neutralized any night use of the tower.The lighthouse board established a temporary light on Padre Island in 1864 and immediately sought funding for a permanent tower. Ten years later a hurricane washed the wooden structure away and Congress appropriated $25,000 for a new tower.Surprisingly, it took 4 years for the Board to obtain the site, which was located just to the south of the present day Coast Guard Station, from the State of Texas. Construction of a frame dwelling on screw piles in began in 1878. The keeper exhibited the light, which was perched above the living quarters, on March 1, 1879. That same year the board established a fixed light atop a square white tower 25 feet in height on the south side of Brazos Santiago. (This light was destroyed in a hurricane sometime in the 1880s.)The Padre Island Light caught fire and burned on March 8, 1940. A low power, temporary light was put in place but it was some time before the radio beacon was replaced. Blackouts were in effect during most of the war years and Padre Island itself was quarantined. The old light finally faded into obscurity and has since been dismantled.An era had come to an end.Want the whole story? Pick up a copy of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here. RelatedWriter’s Block: Birds of a FeatherBy DINA ARÉVALO Port Isabel-South Padre Press If you drive down Highway 100, just west of the Port Isabel city limits and out past Laguna Heights, you’ll see a familiar sight. To the right, between the bay and the road, is a blur of dusty green vegetation. Thick brushy weeds,…February 26, 2016In “Editor’s Column”Lighthouse officially reopensBy DINA ARÉVALO Port Isabel-South Padre Press After more than a year spent hidden beneath a layer of scaffolding, the historic Port Isabel Lighthouse was officially reopened to visitors Tuesday. The City of Port Isabel, in partnership with the Port Isabel Chamber of Commerce, celebrated the reopening of the iconic…January 26, 2018In “News”Rio History: Treasure Hunting at Isla Blanca ParkBy STEVE HATHCOCK Special to the PRESS The tide was out when we arrived at Isla Blanca Park at the southernmost tip of South Padre Island. My friend John headed to the water to hunt for jewelry while I worked my way south to a small sandbar that is only…January 18, 2019In “News” Sharelast_img read more

Di Tengah Ketegangan Iran-AS, Boeing 737-800 Ukraine International Jatuh di Iran

first_imgHingga berita ini diterbitkan, pihak Boeing selaku produsen belum memberikan tanggapan dan belum ada informasi lebih lanjut terkait kecelakaan tersebut.Mengutip dari laman Reuters (8/1), Kepala Layanan Kedaruratan Iran, Pirhossein Koulivand mengatakan, “Pesawat terbakar. Kami sudah mengirim kru untuk menyelamatkan penumpang,”Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Seiring dengan viralnya pemberitaan ini, muncul juga sebuah rekaman amatir yang menunjukkan sebuah pesawat yang terbakar tengah melintas di kegelapan malam. Dalam video berdurasi kurang dari satu menit ini, tampak pesawat meledak di akhir-akhir video. Diduga, pesawat tersebut adalah Boeing 737-800 milik Ukraine International Airlines.Baca Juga: Tragedi GA152: Sempat Terjadi ‘Kebingungan’ Identifikasi ATC dengan MA152Jatuhnya pesawat ini bertepatan dengan meningkatnya ketegangan antara Amerika Serikat dan Iran. Apakah insiden jatuhnya pesawat ini masih ada korelasinya dengan ketegangan antara dua negara tersebut?Ada juga asumsi yang menyebutkan bahwa pesawat Ukraina ini tidak sengaja tertembak oleh Sistem Pertahanan Udara Militer Iran. Namun kembali lagi, masih belum ada titik terang terkait insiden ini.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedMengacu Data Intelijen, AS dan Kanada Yakin Boeing 737 Ukraine International Ditembak Rudal10/01/2020In “Darat”Inilah Lima Spekulasi Jatuhnya Boeing 737-800 Ukraine International di Iran09/01/2020In “Featured”Sama-sama Jatuh Dirudal, Inilah Persamaan dan Perbedaan Insiden Malaysia Airlines MH17 dan Ukraine International PS75214/01/2020In “Featured” Boeing 737-800 milik Ukraine International Airlines. Sumber: Airline Ratings Pesawat Boeing 737-800 milik Ukraine International Airlines dikabarkan jatuh setelah lepas landas dari bandara Imam Khomeini, Iran. Menurut pemberitaan yang tersiar, pesawat ini mengangkut 180 penumpang dan awaknya. Media lokal Iran menginformasikan bahwa pesawat jatuh tak lama setelah tinggal landas dikarenakan masalah teknis.Baca Juga: Duh! Potongan Pesawat Uji Airbus Jatuh di Desa Dekat Bandara Toulouse-BlagnacMenurut situs Flightradar 24, terlihat bahwa pesawat meninggalkan Iran pukul 02.42 waktu setempat menuju Bandara Internasional Kyiv’s Boryspil di Ukraina. Dirangkum dari berbagai laman sumber, pesawat milik Ukraine International Airlines diketahui baru berumur sekitar 4 tahun.last_img read more

Under-graduate wins Sulley Muntari award

first_imgA second year Communication Design student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana has won the Sulley Muntari footballer of the year award for 2012.Edney Derrick was adjudged the best footballer at the Sports Awards and Dinner nite event held at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology.The Awards and Dinner nite is held annually to honour distinguished sports personalities on campus, to motivate others to learn from their shining examples in future.The winner of the Sulley Muntari Award received a plaque and a jersey. He would also be presented with a pair of boots at a later date.The event was attended by the Pro Vice–Chancellor of KNUST Professor Peter Donkor, Sports Director of KNUST and officials of the Sports Directorate.In a speech read on behalf of Sulley Muntari, he congratulated the winner for his hard work and achievement. “I will like all of you to know how proud I am to be associated with this award. Education is an important cornerstone of every society. However sports is equally crucial in developing a healthy nation therefore it is pleasing to see the University combining both Education and Sports.“As a dedicated sportsman, I know how difficult it is to be competing for such honours; therefore I will like to congratulate the winner for his hard work and dedication. Unfortunately there can be only one winner but all the same each one of you who took part in these games can be proud of combining sports and education at the highest level. It is a great achievement so well done” he concluded.last_img read more

All’s Oak-ay

first_imgBy Melissa MeehanAS the sun came out, so did the crowds for Pakenham Oaks Day last week. A 5000 strong…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img