Donor Spotlight: Marc Churchwell

first_imgAdditionally… “We are very appreciative of the athletics department staff who work so hard behind the scenes. This supporting infrastructure is very important to the success of this program.  The successes UWF sports programs have enjoyed over the years does not happen automatically – it takes the hard work of dedicated staff, coaches and athletes working together.  Thank you!” As a student and then as a staff member (recently retired) I was and am still impressed with UWF athletics to be so competitive across all sports on both men’s and women’s teams. A powerful overall program with 100 conference championships and 9 national championship and many individual championships, including our most recent addition of women’s swimming and diving program.I believe a powerful sports program benefits not only the athletes in these programs, but the student body as whole with the school spirit and pride which comes with these successes. To show our ongoing support for the athletes in UWF athletics programs to be successful in their sport as well as in their academic major. As an athlete myself many years ago – I remember we as a team in the offseason working on weekends with our coach cutting down trees and selling firewood to raise funds for our team locker rooms.  The improvements we made helped not only our quality of life but also strengthened our team bond among each other. Seeing our football team work from those temporary trailers and build a team which went all the way to the national championship in only it’s second year really brought back those memories. As long as we are financially able we want to continue to support UWF sports programs to keep this sort of team comradery alive – building these powerful memories as team mates and students is important in the development of these fine young men and women as they are preparing for their life’s career journey. Marc Churchwell, former Director of the MVRC,  served in the Navy with a very decorative resume. Marc was the first Director of the MVRC and helped it to become the successful center it is today. He and his wife Cathi are Football Founders and are great Argo Fans. Thank you Marc and Cathi for all you do for UWF Athletics.  What impact do you think your annual donations have on the UWF Athletic Department? Sincerely,Marc and Cathi Churchwell Print Friendly Version Why do you continue to give annually? Why do you give to UWF Athletics? We hope our donations can help UWF sports programs continue to be as competitive in the future as they have been in the past. Having proper equipment is important in many ways including recruiting, developing stronger athletes, honing skills, and the pride of belonging to a program which has the support of their alumni. What makes you passionate about UWF Athletics?last_img

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