Coaxsol Adds Thousands of RF Adapters to its Portfolio Using the Open Cable Port Technology

first_imgCoaxsol (short for Coaxial Solutions) an Irvine based custom manufacturer of RF Microwave products is releasing a range of over 177,000 RF components. Products include non-existent adapters & connectors used by the military, the aerospace and commercial markets such as wireless communications, medical, test & measurement.Coaxsol’s release represents a major milestone in the industry, having developed the “Open Cable Port Concept,” a patent pending technology that enables the creation and delivery of On-Demand custom components. The technology debut increases the number of RF Microwave Coaxial Adapters available in the market from approximately 3,500 to over 177,000. These numbers are expected to surpass 500,000 within a year.The “Open Cable Port Connector Concept” is the key in the creation and production of hundreds of thousands of coaxial connectors and adapters from BNC to SSMP; in and between series, with or without Bulkhead or Panel-Mounts.The “L” shaped Open Cable Port Connector is used in the creation of right-angled connectors and adapters where no right angles of either exist, increasing the availability by the thousands. The “T” and the “CROSS” shaped Open Cable Port Connectors are used in the creation of different types of “T” & “CROSS” shaped coaxial adapters & connectors, increasing availability by over 150,000. The combination of two of the above can be used to create “U” shaped, “F” shaped, “Z” shaped or any shape adapters or connectors the design requires.The “BULKHEAD” and “PANEL-MOUNT” Open Cable Port Connectors are used in the creation of Bulkhead and Panel-Mount connectors and adapters where neither exists, increasing the availability by the thousands. The “PC-MOUNT” Open Cable Port Connectors are used in the creation of PC-Mount connectors that do not exist. These are also used in “Board-2-Board” applications where spacing between boards can be adjusted accordingly and where continuity can be accomplished with or without the use of Push-On or Quick-Disconnect connectors.The “Open Cable Port Connector Concept” is also opening the doors for the manufacturing of “T” Type Coaxial Cable Assemblies; “Cross” Type and others such as the “F” type, “Z” type, “Right-Angled” & “U” shaped assemblies. Cable types that can now be used with the Open Cable Port Connectors are: Semi-Rigid; Flexible Semi-Rigid; Flexible Low Loss Cables 0.100(inch) O.D. and 0.160(inch) O.D. Open Cable Port Connectors for RG Mil-Standard flexible cables are in their final stages of R&D and will soon be coming to the Market.Their Complete product portfolio can be seen at:

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