Nations pray

first_imgIsmail Osman, AthloneSuddenly, the whole world’s eyes are openMany are dying, many hearts are broken.Those haughty and arrogant must now realiseThat this virus is a Blessing in disguiseIt affects you regardless of your statusWhether you are insignificant or the world’s greatestIt asks not of your colour or your raceIt just pounces upon you, staring you in the face Whether you are tough or whether you are tenderMale or female it ask not of your gender The virus has reached our shores todayThough we may try to wish it leaves and goes awayEpidemiologists are busy trying to find a cure Whether they will succeed, none of them are sureThe whole world has now to collectively start to pray That this virus must surely not be here to stay That the nations who are all living in fear, For God to answer our prayers and make this virus disappear!last_img

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