Sonu Sood – Friend To The Needy But Enemy To The State

first_imgIn India, politics is a way of life and there is nothing wrong with that as far as I am concerned but when that is to crucify good Samaritans then it’s an issue and when that happens it is important we all need to address and stand up with those who are crucified. If helping others in times of a crisis is a noble cause then why Sonu Sood had to rush to meet Maharashtra chief minister in the middle of helping the migrant labourers reaching their home. Let’s rewind a little bit to the start of the coronavirus situation in India. When PM asked to contribute and formed the PMcares fund many people opened their valet and pledged wholeheartedly. Bollywood celebrities like Akshaya Kumar who donated 25 crores stand tall among them. Similarly, others like Salman Kahn and Sharukh Khan have also done their bit by providing PPE kits and taking care of the low paying film fraternity workers as well as arranging the fan base to provide food and essentials to the needy. There was nothing wrong in these and no one finds anything political to that but then when a not so high flying Sonu Sood decided to help the migrants by facilitating their journey to their home state, and that too without any bias on cast or politics he has become the enemy of the state government especially to Shiv Sena.Let’s look at what was the crimes Sonu Sood did during this pandemic which made the Shiv Sena mouthpiece “Samna” published an article criticizing him by their top leader and MP Sanjay Raut. During Ramadan Sonu Sood arranged delivery of meal kits for around 25,000 migrant people in Bhiwandi to make sure they don’t go hungry due to the lockdown during the entire month of fasting.  He had opened up his Juhu hotel to accommodate the medical workers who were fighting for the life of those infected by the virus in the city of Mumbai. In addition to this, he has arranged buses for thousands of migrant labourers to their home state in UP, Bihar West Bengal, and Assam. He has arranged airlift to around 177 girls from Kerala to Odisha which was appreciated by many except for Shiv Sena and its government which has nothing positive to show to the world in the way they are handling the crisis in the state.It is natural to get irked when someone who is not in any sort of power tries to do something the government has failed to do and that is what forced Sanjay Raut to call him a pawn of BJP and the central government. Sanjay didn’t have the guts to question his government for its inability to deal with the crisis but dares to call Sonu Sood as an agent of the central government who is doing good for the people. What a crap he and his party has fallen into. Such actions by politicians and political parties need to be questioned if not, this will force many to get away from doing good for the people in fear of the ire from the ruling political class. It would have been a good gesture if Udhay Thackery went and met Sonu Sood in his residence and show his appreciation for his works rather than compelling him to rush to Matoshree.It is really sad when people like Sonu Sood are getting threats and verbal abuse for their good work and it questions the morality of political parties. Shiv Sena with all his might and power in the state couldn’t even control it’s own people and surprisingly supports loudmouths like Sanjay Raut to run the party’s new philosophy of not giving credit to anyone other than their own. Of course, one can’t expect anything more from a party who had already let go of his founding principles and practices to be in power and to get the position of Chief Minister for their leader.Surprisingly no one came to the rescue or support the deeds of Sonu Sood from the very Industry he is working. This is the reality we are living now. But one thing is sure, the blessing of tens of thousands of people who received the help from Sonu Sood will always be with him and that in itself is the biggest reward he can achieve. For a person who is fighting a battle for all those in need in the time of this crisis, I offer my standing ovation and support in his endeavours.last_img

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