Count Your Blessings !!

first_imgWhen was the last time you felt grateful for your life? When was the last time you thanked God instead of Complaining about your life and its difficulties? When was the last time you have thanked your near and dear ones for being there in your life? Think hard and if you have done it recently, Well Done, you are on right track. If you have not done it in recent future express your gratitude as soon as possible. Because the life you are living is a blessing from above and your near and dear ones. We always want more and more. We envy people, we bitch around and sometimes we even blame our fate that we have absolutely nothing compared to other people.Maybe, you will be thinking, Why I am in philosophical mode all of sudden?Because I have thought long and hard recently.As it happened, I injured my foot recently. Although I escaped with a muscle tear and minor fracture, the pain was unbearable.I was in pain and painkillers were making me drowsy.I was bitter and frustrated. I was already on leave for six days and I was planning to work longer hour to finish pending works. Books were piling up, deadlines were nearing, my new batch was going to start and I needed to prepare notes. In short, I was a complete mess.I was on the verge of an anxiety attack literally.But when I realized, that I can do absolutely nothing about anything because my work demands 100 % attention. I sit back and started pondering over my situation.I realized that I have to accept my situation as it is.I started counting my blessings and I gave myself time to heal.And, finally, things started to fall in place.I am better now but one lesson will remain with me forever, “Life has a strange way to teach you the importance of little things you have taken for Granted “.So, my dear friends, accept life and its challenges, these are nothing but a quick reminder from above that we need to be more grateful for what we have. We complain continuously, about what we don’t have but we seldom appreciate, what we already have.Be more thankful and less thankless !!last_img

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