Parking Meters installation an abuse of citizens

first_imgDear Editor,I have been reading with considerable interest the concerns being expressed by the Private Sector Commission (PSC) of Guyana regarding the project to rollout parking meters in Georgetown, pointing out the fact it is an indirect taxation without any value creation for the users.I do agree with the PSC which represents a cross-section of businesses in the country, regarding the negative impact this will have on businesses operating within the city; in particular on their employees and customers of the various businesses.I however do not understand their concern regarding the fact that the Mayor and City Council will only get from every 0 taken while the remaining will go towards administration and wealth creation of the investors. This is not and oversight or error on the part of the Council, this was deliberate and cheerfully agreed to for reasons best known to them, and as a result of a complete lack of concern for the raw deal the citizens will be getting. This is just abuse of our citizens by a foreign company in a most shocking way. In fact, I consider it modern day slavery.The advertisements which suggest that the parking meters will increase security, public safety and the efficiency in doing business within the capital city are just completely ridiculous.But I have a few concerns of my own – the first being whether this foreign company really has any experience in this business as they claim. If they did then they would not draw the spaces for only midsized cars. What happens when an SUV, pickup, van, and other larger vehicles wish to park? They will have to take up half of another space I guess and pay additionally?Secondly, I would like to know why they are being allowed to mark out spaces on roadways that do not fall under the purview of the Georgetown Municipality. Will they be giving the paltry 20 per cent to the Public Infrastructure Ministry or the Government of Guyana for those roads? Or will the Georgetown Municipality benefit from this largesse?Regards,Riley Matthewslast_img read more