Psychologists find false attitude feedback can sway polarized voters to endorse more open-minded views

first_imgEmail People with polarized political views can be led to endorse more centrist attitudes after being provided with false feedback about their responses to a political survey. This finding comes from a study published in PLOS One.Evidence suggests that the American political scene is becoming increasingly polarized, a trend that threatens to lead political discussions away from critical thinking and open-mindedness.“For example,” study authors Thomas Strandberg and colleagues say, “people tend to automatically support policy issues proposed by their own party and reject those coming from the opposition.” Furthermore, studies suggest that political polarization can lead to increased animosity between supporters of opposing parties, and can even go as far as affecting personal relationships among family members. Share on Facebook Pinterest Sharecenter_img LinkedIn Strandberg and associates wanted to see if it was possible to sway people into endorsing more flexible attitudes towards politics, using an experimental manipulation called a choice blindness paradigm. The researchers describe choice blindness as a “cognitive phenomenon that occurs when people receive false feedback about a choice they had made, leading them to accept the outcome as their own and confabulate reasons for having made that choice in the first place.”Two experimental studies were conducted among American voters prior to the 2016 presidential election. Study 1 involved 122 New Yorkers, of an average of 21 years of age, and Study 2 involved a more representative sample of 498 Americans, of an average of 31 years of age.In both studies, participants answered a questionnaire where they rated presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump along 12 leadership traits (e.g., diplomatic, experienced) using a visual analog scale with the candidates’ faces pictured at opposite ends of the scale. “We asked participants to rate the candidates on each trait; for example, if they thought Clinton was more analytic, they would mark that scale closer to her, or if they thought Trump was, they would mark it closer to him,” the authors explain.After subjects completed the survey, their most polarized responses were covertly adjusted towards the middle of the scale, to represent a more moderate viewpoint. For example, a subject who had marked ‘experienced’ as 94% on the Clinton side, had this response covertly moved to a more neutral position on the scale, at around 59%. Next, the subjects were asked to look over their completed — and unknowingly altered — surveys and were given the opportunity to revise their answers.In Study 1, subjects were directly questioned about three of the manipulated responses, and, overall, only 28% of them corrected one of these altered responses. Only 4% corrected two responses, and no one corrected more than two. Additionally, many participants gave detailed justifications for these manipulated responses. As the researchers report, “When asked to explain their responses, 94% accepted the manipulated responses as their own and rationalized this neutral position accordingly, even though they reported more polarized views moments earlier.”In Study 2, similar findings were revealed. When participants were given the opportunity to revisit their responses, on average, participants corrected about 2 out of 5 manipulated responses. There were no significant differences in the number of corrections made by Trump or Clinton supporters, suggesting that both Republican and Democrat voters are equally susceptible to false feedback and just as easily manipulated into endorsing a more open-minded viewpoint.“Our study reveals that American voters at either end of the political spectrum are willing to endorse more open views about both candidates with surprisingly little intervention. Here, suggesting to people that they are more open-minded removed their political blinders and nudged them to consider and argue for more moderate views,” Strandberg and colleagues say.The researchers further suggest that their study demonstrates the potential for a more open political landscape in the US. “These results offer hope in a divided political climate: even polarized people can become—at least momentarily—open to opposing views.”The study, “Depolarizing American voters: Democrats and Republicans are equally susceptible to false attitude feedback”, was authored by Thomas Strandberg, Jay A. Olson, Lars Hall, Andy Woods, and Petter Johansson.(Photo credit: Susan Melkisethian) Share on Twitterlast_img read more

Dudgeon Reaches Another Milestone

first_imgThe approval for Dudgeon in meeting the milestone requirements was confirmed by the Low Carbon Contracts Company (LCCC), the designated independent Counterparty to CFDs, last week. Dudgeon issued the milestone requirement notice on 7th May 2015, two days ahead of schedule.“This milestone fulfillment is very good news for the project, and it confirms that we’re progressing according to plan in the development of the wind farm. Important elements and decisions to undertake the project, such as financial commitment, consents, timetable and key contracts, have been fulfilled. Onshore construction has just started, but will pick up considerably throughout this year, preparing for the offshore installation campaigns in 2016 and 2017,” says Statoil’s Vice President and Chairman of the Dudgeon Board of Directors, Halfdan Brustad.“The contractual milestone has been reached through excellent work by the project team and good collaboration with the government’s delivery body, LCCC. The process and the dialogue towards approval have been excellent”, he added.Nic Rigby, LCCC’s Head of Contract Management, explains: “Congratulations to Dudgeon that they have completed their milestone requirements and reached this pivotal point. Not only does this confirm significant commitment to the projects by the company but it is also a step closer to ensuring we will have the low carbon generation that this country needs.”Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm was awarded an Investment Contract under DECC’s Final Investment Decision (FID) Enabling for Renewables process in April 2014. The project is one of the first investments from the UK Electricity Market Reforms (EMR), designed to build the world’s first low carbon electricity market. The CfD contract and a known Strike Price provide a sustainable and long-term basis for the significant investment needed to construct the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm. It is expected to have an installed capacity of 402MW, enough energy to power up to approximately 410,000 UK homes.Image: dudgeonoffshorewindlast_img read more

Compact Signal and Spectrum Analyzer from R&S Speeds up Production Testing

first_imgHigh measurement speeds are crucial for production testing of wireless communications components and base station test systems. Rohde & Schwarz has developed the new R&S FPS signal and spectrum analyzer series specifically for these types of automated measurement applications. With a height of two height units (2 HU), the compact R&S FPS takes up only half as much rack space as a conventional spectrum analyzer. It is available in five models for frequency ranges up to 4, 7, 13, 30 and 40 GHz and offers measurement applications for all key mobile and wireless standards and can demodulate IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi signals thanks to its 160 MHz analysis bandwidth. The higher frequency models are ideal for satellite monitoring applications and for the production of components for the aerospace and defense industry. The R&S FPS with state-of-the-art processor technology, enabling it to perform CPU-intensive tasks especially fast. For WCDMA signals, for example, it calculates the adjacent channel leakage ratio of four adjacent channels (two on each side) in less than 10 ms while maintaining a standard deviation for the power reading of less than 0.05 dB – unmatched performance among instruments in this class. The R&S FPS also analyzes the modulation of wireless communications signals during component production faster than any other instrument on the market while maintaining consistent precision over the entire frequency range. It also offers functions for efficient test sequence programming. The R&S FPS is optimally complemented by a signal generator such as the R&S SGS100A. The two instruments together can be used as a mini system for T&M applications requiring fast interaction between a signal generator and signal analyzer, such as when testing mobile phone power amplifiers. Space requirements play a significant role in large test systems with multiple instruments. This is why Rohde & Schwarz developed the R&S FPS as a compact screenless 2 HU instrument. The user operates the R&S FPS via the test system computer or remotely over the network. A small display on the front of the instrument shows relevant status information such as the IP address being used.last_img read more

OnGame poker network reported to be closing down

first_img Related Articles GVC absorbs retail shocks as business recalibrates for critical H2 trading August 13, 2020 Belgian Pro League selects bwin as its new betting partner August 4, 2020 Online poker news sources are reporting that OnGame Network (OnGame), one of the industry’s oldest poker networks will close down this October.The poker network which has had multiple owners including Entertainment and Amaya Inc, in recent years’ has suffered from declining active player numbers affecting its game liquidity.At its peak, Ongame was a leading European B2B poker network, servicing brands such as RedBet, Paradise Poker (Sportingbet) and bwin’s online poker room.Nevertheless, having lost key partners such as Redbet to competitor networks, Ongame has seen its peak time player liquidity drained to just 150 actives playing on its brands.Toronto TSX-listed NYX Gaming had acquired OnGame in November 2014 with a view of converting OnGame into the leading network for US regulated online poker services.However, US plans for Ongame would not come to fulfilment as NYX Gaming governance turned its attention towards more profitable verticals.This week, industry poker affiliates have revealed that remaining OnGame ‘skins’ (partners) are preparing to migrate from the network. Ongame management is yet to officially confirm the closure of its services, but a closing date in October is expected to be declared. StumbleUpon Jason Ader – No Boogeyman… Activism will play a vital part in reshaping gambling August 20, 2020 Share Share Submitlast_img read more

IMCA special events awards en route from Day Motor Sports

first_imgTYLER, Texas – Day Motor Sports delivers for special events competitors again this season, with awards in all eight sanctioned divisions.The Tyler, Texas, circle track warehouse gives $50 gift cards to a top five finisher at up to 80 designated specials in 2016. Gift cards will be mailed from the IMCA home office within a week after official results are received.Now in its 13th season as an IMCA marketing partner, Day will again give gift cards at the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s and the IMCA Sprint Car Nationals in September.Information about high performance products, safety gear and shop and pit equipment available from Day is available by calling 800 543-6238, on Facebook and at the website.“Day Motor Sports is proud to be a sponsor for the up-coming racing season and we look forward to providing IMCA racers the finest quality parts at the lowest prices,” said company President and CEO Joe Francis. “Look for our new parts trailer visiting our local IMCA tracks as well as the Super Nationals in Boone. Come by and see us or call for a new 2016 catalog.”“The addition of Southern SportMods to the docket at Super Nationals is of special interest to an outstanding company like Day Motor Sports, who is at the geographical epicenter of that division,” noted IMCA marketing Director Kevin Yoder. “We’re thrilled to partner with them again this season and look forward to a strong showing at Boone in September.”last_img read more