Mass Effect 3 story and beta gameplay leak

first_imgIt’s been a very leaky few days for BioWare: over the weekend, both the full story and a playable beta of Mass Effect 3 leaked to the public.Internal story files were leaked, according to producer Jesse Howard in a post on BioWare’s official forums. He claimed that the data was out of date and doesn’t reflect the final experience, but obviously you shouldn’t read them if you want an untainted ME3 experience.The files may not be easy to come across, as discussion of spoiler-level detail is apparently attracting the wrong kind of attention. Gaming forum NeoGAF was sent a cease and desist letter from BioWare, for example.As for the playable beta, the cat is totally out of the bag. Players beta testing the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard refresh were invited to a private beta download of the game over the weekend. Weighing 1.8 GB, the demo covers roughly the first 10 minutes of gameplay, which has already been shown to press writing previews. The file has since been taken offline.Videos of the beta are all over YouTube, and one can be found below. This is a true beta: there are plenty of missing textures, placeholder spaceships, dialogue sounds in rough states, and gameplay bugs including long load times and the inability to make some jumps. Fans of the series will probably be even more excited to see what the game looks like before it’s fully baked.While not spoiling any story elements – it’s not hard to guess what happens in the game’s start anyway – the biggest surprise is a gameplay change to allow the game to be played in one of three modes. Action Mode focuses on the combat scenes and skips much of the narrative guessing and calculations by automating conversation replies. Story Mode does the opposite: it reduces the combat difficulty and allows manual replies to conversations. Purists will lean toward RPG mode, which has the series’ familiar combination of combat and conversation. Each setting can also be altered manually in the options menu.Howard, still in damage-control mode, posted again on the forums to confirm the leak. The code is in a “rough, unfinished state” and was not meant for public release, he wrote.Mass Effect 3 releases in March 2012 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, unless the whole game leaks by then.via BioWare Forums (1, 2)last_img read more