Bio Turbo from Miatech Finds Application at Sea

first_imgzoom Miatech, a company responsible for keeping produce fresh across the US and around the world, recently learned of a potentially ground-breaking application for its Bio Turbo 100 ethylene and pathogen control system. Polarcus, a company widely regarded for its sustainable Arctic exploration work, recently employed the Bio Turbo 100 on the Polarcus Asima, one of its seismic mapping vessels. The system has allowed the crew to enjoy fresh produce for far longer than ever before.“We will run out of fresh fruits and vegetables prior to them going bad. This is the FIRST time that has happened,” reports Edward Barr, Ship’s Medical Officer aboard the Asima. “Our Chief Cook now is altering his ordering method to allow for enough to last between expected resupply times, instead of based on expected discard times.”Prior to the deployment of the Bio Turbo 100 aboard the Polarcus Asima, a full 50% of on-board produce would have been relegated to only cooking and meal prep after two weeks at sea, with 25% being thrown away. Since the system has come online, both numbers have shrunk to the single digits. “We were thrilled to learn that our Bio Turbo 100 was being installed on a ship at sea because of the tremendous potential of the system to maximize produce shelf life for the crew” explains Costas Iconomou, Chairman, President and CEO of Miatech. “The results reported so far match our projections, and will to the addition of the Bio Turbo system to the food storage facility of any vessel operating away from port for a week or more at a time.”The Bio Turbo 100 cleans ethylene and airborne bacteria from store rooms or coolers of up to 100 cubic meters in size, with the Bio Turbo 300, 1000 and 6000 units covering facilities of up to 300 cubic meters, 1,000 cubic meters, and 6,000, respectively. This paves the way for applications across a broad range of vessels, from smaller ships with around 60 crew members such as the Polarcus Asima to naval vessels to cruise ships.Miatech, November 26, 2013last_img read more