Wigneswaran maintains his neutral stand

He says the Tamil speaking people should vote for the candidates they feel will address their immediate concerns. The TNA is contesting the Parliamentary election in the Northern and Eastern provinces but Wigneswaran has not taken part in any rally in support of the TNA. (Colombo Gazette) Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran is maintaining his stand to remain neutral at the Parliamentary elections next week.In a media statement released yesterday, Wigneswaran said that he took the decision to remain neutral after giving it deep thought and continues to maintain that stand. Wigneswaran said that he will not urge any Tamil in the North and East to back any particular political party but to instead keep their interests in mind on election day. However he said the Tamils should also ensure the political party they support is one which will push for self-determination for the Tamils, ensure accountability and justice for the victims of the war and back an international investigation on alleged war crimes.Wigneswaran contested and won the Northern Provincial Council elections in 2013 while contesting with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA). read more